Top Alaska fishing lodge is looking for a captain:
> • USCG Masters license of at least 25 tons or an OUPV (Operator of Uninspected Vessel) license.
> • Near Coastal endorsement on the USCG license
> • Fishing experience a must – not just tour boat or sailing vessel experience
> • Will operate within a fleet of five remote Alaska lodge-based, 6-pack 37’ charter fishing vessels
> • Will be provided with a fully-trained, competent deckhand to operate as a team on the vessel.
> • Must be prepared to be actively engaged on deck with the guests – not a “pilothouse” captain.
> • Will be paid a fixed daily rate every day from start to finish of the fishing season, whether his/her vessel is booked or not.
> • Guest level, single accommodations (private room with bath, not bunkhouse) and guest grade meals provided (dines with guests.)
> • Travel reimbursement upon finishing the contract
> • Generous tips from a long established clientele for excellent service provided.
> • A long-term seasonal relationship is being sought.
> • Will realize approximately $300-$500/day or better including tips.
> Email a brief resume to:

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