Drivers and Influencers (Brand Ambassadors) wanted.
We need drivers in or near major cities around the U.S.
For this job you will pretty much be your own boss.
This new ride share company is he competition to existing rideshare companies.
Final updates to the rideshare app are being completed this month and drivers are now getting approved to drive.
With the new Rideshare service and app for drivers:
• You get 100% of the fare and tips.
• You get 100% of the cancellation fees.
• You get 100% of the wait time fee.
• Riders/Passengers can use the app to request you exclusively for rides.
• The company provides its drivers with additional commercial insurance while they are working.
1. Go to
2. You can then log in to your account at using your phone number and you can upgrade to Driver or Driver Influencer or just Influencer.
3. After upgrading to Driver or Driver Influencer you will be requested to upload: driver's license, insurance card and registration.

For those who need a vehicle we have special relationships with a company that provides month to month leases for less than $400 per month on 2019 and 2020 vehicles. Credit not an issue. Any source of income considered and any cosigner considered. This is not a purchase and it does not go on your credit report. Only a deposit of $200 plus the first week's payment will be required.

If you have any questions you can call me on my cell phone (786) 394-3374. I am an Independent Influencer/Brand Ambassador.
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