9/5/19 6:36 PM

Milla de Oro Magazine
Director General - AC Grindl
+57 310 770 5395

To whom it may concern, the job entails:
1. Finding companies portrayed within the magazine and website that were push posted
2.Write the invoice to the clients
3. Include with directed cost
4. Send on the bill
5. Possibly needing to be delivered by hand.
(If not by mail then through collection services.)

More details found on LinkedIn company page or by contacting the persons listed on the website, milladeoromagazine@outlook.com

Appreciated reply with resume, AC

AC Grindl
General Manager - Gerente
Milla de Oro Magazine SAS

Calle 5 #15-62
Camino los Cereneos
Vía Tabio
Cajicá, Cundinamarca 250247
+57 (1) 883 3197

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