Entera is a full spectrum Sign and Branding Company providing turnkey services for all your Branding needs from Monument Signs to towering Pylons to Channel Letters and Interior Graphics. We maintain our competitive edge by employing the most qualified staff in the industry and the latest technological advances in computerized equipment and machinery. From our headquarters in Panama City, our team travels the country meeting with clients, inspecting and installing branding projects, and ensuring that our name continues to be synonymous with the word quality.

Entera is looking for Welders to fabricate product using hand-welding and high-temperature torches to cut and mend pieces of metal and/or aluminum to produce desired results outlined in customers’ blue-prints. The Welder fill holes, indentations, and seams to fabricate or repair metal and/or aluminum.

• Must have at least 12 months of paint experience.
•Must be able to calculate quantities, materials, times, and standard-to-metric conversions in order to perform job requirements.
•Must be able to steel and aluminum mig weld.
•Must be able to read blueprints and drawings.
•Must be able to read tape measure to plan layout and procedures.
•Determine welding equipment or method based on requirements outlined in drawings.
•Setup components for welding according to specifications (ex. Cut material with power saw to match measurements).
•Operate electrical and manual tools (grinders, saws, squares, calipers, etc.) to prepare the parts that must be welded.
•Align components using calipers, rulers, etc. and clamp pieces needing welding.
•Weld material using manual welding equipment in various positions (vertical, horizontal or overhead).
•Repair machinery and other materials by welding pieces and filling gaps.
•Test and inspect welded surfaces and structures to discover flaws.
•Maintain equipment in a condition that does not compromise safety.
Must be familiar with the occupational hazards; and safety precautions, practices and procedures that are associated with welding of metal and/or aluminum.
• Must have some skills in auto mechanic body work.
• Must be able to use spray paint equipment.
• Must be able to read work order, instructions, or processing charts.
•Must be able to work long hours and weekends if necessary.
•Must have a steady hand and pay great attention to detail.
• Must be able to lift 50 lbs.
• May be required to stand, stoop, bend, kneel and squat for extended periods of time.
• Must be able to work harmoniously with others as a team.
• Must be dependable and dedicated in producing quality work.
• Must be able to follow company rules and policies.
• Must be punctual, and take pride in doing a great job.
• Must be able to work harmoniously with others as a team.
• Must be able to accept accountability, learn from errors, and move forward with enthusiasm.
• Must be able to respond positive to verbal and written assessment from management.

Position is full time 40 hours a week Monday through Friday. Pay depends on experience.
Benefits include health insurance, vacation, holiday pay, and 401K.

We will conduct drug screening, background and reference checks.

If you are looking for a career and not just a job, then ENTERA is definitely the place of you.

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