Job Description:
This job involves performing telephone satisfaction surveys for multiple clients from your home. Most surveys are 8-10 questions and take between 3-10 minutes to complete. Examples of people you will be takings surveys from include: patients of medical facility who have had recent appointments, and contacts at businesses who have recently rented equipment from a site services contracting company. You will not be selling any products/services or making appointments to sell products/services. This is not telemarketing.

• MUST be a ‘people person’ – In order to succeed in this position, you must be able to connect with different personality types and quickly establish a good rapport through personal connections.
• Experienced in surfing the internet, emailing, and using any instant messenger product. Candidates for this job possessing these skills will receive high priority.
• Excellent communications skills and a command of the English language - You must be able to type quickly, utilize spell check, and edit comments for grammar and punctuation. You will be required to clearly and concisely summarize lengthy customer feedback to accurately capture the voice of the customer
• Prior phone-based customer service experience a plus

Compensation and Hours:
• This position starts at $12 per hour
• The current projects available require approximately 20-40 hours per business week, Monday through Thursday, between the hours of 8AM to 8PM, and 8AM to 6PM on Fridays of the customer’s time zone location. We have full time and part time positions available. Some weekend work on Saturdays may be required, as need dictates but will not be a regularly scheduled

Technology Requirements:
• Internet Subscription with minimum of 100 megabytes per second down / 10 megabytes per second up
• Windows-based computer with:
o Windows 7 SP2 or higher operating system,
o At least 2GM of RAM
o A 2GHz processor
o Google Chrome web browser
• Logitech USB 2.0 headset or equivalent

We will provide the software to make calls via our VOIP network using your headset through the internet, so you will not see any long distance charges on your home phone bill.

Workspace Requirements:
• Workspace must be in a private, closed-off location free of all background noise including:
o Children
o Pets
o Television
o Street noise

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