1. Provides help desk assistance to customers pertaining to desktop computer, peripheral
and related technology; responds to requests for help over the phone, remotely and/or in
person; receives and logs requests for assistance from end users; utilizes and updates
system maintenance logs and other tools to prepare trouble tickets and to track and
respond to service requests; verifies the location of the problem by eliciting information
from end users regarding the nature of the issue; determines severity of problem and
either resolves or refers to higher-level information technology staff.
2. Conducts an on-site assessment of problems; investigates, troubleshoots, evaluates and
resolves a variety of routine computer hardware, software and peripheral equipment
problems; determines whether a problem needs to be escalated to a higher level staff
3. Performs a variety of technical support work pertaining to the basic operation and
maintenance of computers and peripheral equipment for an information technology unit
or division; monitors routine system parameters such as response time and general
performance; tests and sets up basic hardware and software configurations; performs
basic maintenance and repair on system components.
4. Performs routine upgrades and/or other hardware/software support
activities; connects computers to printers, scanners, PDA's and other peripheral
equipment; loads software.
5. Performs routine system support duties such as monitoring or adding users/devices,
modifying user profiles, re-setting passwords and performing regular file maintenance;
sets up basic user access permissions consistent with County policies and procedures;
documents all changes and revisions.
6. May conduct online, group and/or one-on-one training sessions with desktop users
regarding routine technical processes; provides information on basic system and
application functions; explains user access rights.
7. May assist higher-level information technology staff in the acquisition and distribution of
computer hardware and software solutions; may contact vendors and research/gather
product information.
8. Helps coordinate equipment repairs with external vendors by contacting vendors and
arranging to have parts purchased/shipped as needed; arranges for vendors to perform
on-site repairs.
9. Prepares technical reports, correspondence and other documents; provides general
administrative support that may include maintaining records; participates on committees
and task forces; attends meetings, conferences and training sessions; may serve on
project teams.
10. Performs other related duties as assigned.
Knowledge of:
􀁺 Operations, services, concepts, terms and activities common to a comprehensive, stateof-
the-art information technology program.
􀁺 Computer hardware and software components similar to those being used by the hiring
􀁺 Basic operational characteristics of local and wide area network systems.
􀁺 Basic operational characteristics of communication systems, equipment and devices.
􀁺 Tools and test equipment used in the installation, maintenance and repair of desktop
computer systems.
􀁺 Methods and techniques of troubleshooting desktop computer system hardware and
software problems.
􀁺 Basic principles and practices of technical-level system administration.
􀁺 Principles and practices of customer service.
􀁺 Methods and techniques of developing and presenting technical documentation and
training materials.
Ability to:
􀁺 Operate, maintain and perform routine repairs on information technology equipment and
software similar to that being used by the hiring department.
􀁺 Troubleshoot a variety of routine desktop hardware and software issues and respond
appropriately to customer service requests.
􀁺 Test and repair electronic equipment using appropriate tools.
􀁺 Communicate technical information to a wide variety of users.
􀁺 Assist in planning and evaluating new systems and equipment.
􀁺 Plan, organize, prioritize and process work to ensure that deadlines are met.
􀁺 Learn and utilize specialized terminology if needed by the specific assignment.
􀁺 Read, understand and apply technical information pertaining to computer and network
􀁺 Adapt quickly to changes in policies, procedures, assignments and work locations.
􀁺 Communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing.
􀁺 Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those encountered during the
course of the work.

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